Friday, February 24, 2012

The exception that proves the rule

If you know me at all, you know my stance on homework. It has no business in kindergarten. Ever. Homework in kindergarten (and, dare I say, in all the primary grades) is a make-work project for teachers, students, and parents. It robs families of precious time together, and turns school into a chore. There is no homework in my classroom.

Until now.

Earlier this week, during the morning arrival bell craziness, one of my tiniest little munchkins turned to her dad, and reminded him sternly: "TELL HER!" The dad approached me, sheepishly: "I know your stance on homework in kindergarten, but as you know, we are going to be in Hawaii all of next week, and Emma (Leah's older sister) has to bring homework with her. Leah is DESPERATE to have homework, too... Any chance you could put something together?"

For my little Leah, who has a smile as big as the sun, and dimples you could fall into, this is what I put together:

Dear Leah;

Here is your homework for while you are in Hawaii. There are a lot of things I need you to do, so I hope it doesn’t ruin your vacation.

While you are in Hawaii, please:

1.    Learn how to Hula dance.

2.    Have a picnic lunch on the beach with your family.

3.    Make angels in the sand with your brother and sisters.

4.    Give your mom and dad at least 5 hugs every day.

5.    Let your big sister read you a story.

6.    See who in your family can dig the deepest hole in the sand.

7.    Choose a book you know and read it to your little sister. If you do not know all the words, you can tell the story in your own words, like we practice in class.

8.    Draw a picture of what the sunset looks like in Hawaii.

9.    Send our class a postcard.

10. Collect a seashell every day.

11. Find a pretty rock and bring it back for your best friend Rosie, because she will miss you very much.

12. Make a sand castle with a moat.  Let your whole family help if they want.

 Remember to take lots of pictures, so I know you did EVERYTHING!

Lots of love;

Miss Night

This is kindergarten homework I can live with. 


  1. This is adorable. My future children will be coming to your school...

  2. If only this were the kind of homework my kindergartener brought home!

  3. Wonderful! I remember doing something like this when one of my K students went to Disney for a week. I just said, "Keep a journal of some of your favorite things you did" and when he got back, he read his journal to the class. Love your ideas!! :)