Sunday, January 29, 2012

Of bellybutton lint & glitter...

So, you teach. (At least, I assume that most of my readers teach.  Those of you who don't teach, this is still good, I promise.) You are tech-friendly, as evidenced by the fact that you read blogs. (Or, at least, you read THIS blog, which seems like a good first step.) Maybe you LIKE some teaching-related stuff on Facebook. Maybe you blog yourself. And maybe you have heard or read a little bit about how teachers are using Twitter for professional development. And you think it sounds sort of cool, but it's also like trying to decode a whole other language. What in the name of heaven is a hashtag? What's with the @ symbol in front of everything? With 100 million users, how do I even FIND these amazing teachers?

Alternatively: you teach. You are tech-friendly (if not downright tech-crazy). You blog and you read blogs and you belong to 856 Facebook communities related to education. You are on Twitter and you LOVE it, and you sing the praises of your PLN to everyone who will listen. The problem? No one will listen, because "Twitter is just a bunch of celebrities tweeting about their bellybutton lint and what they ate for breakfast," and they "just don't have time to figure all that out."

Whoever you are, this, my friends, is for you:
(Watch it in full-screen, if you can; it's better that way.)